Garden In Six Parts,  2021.

"A Place I Remember but Still Haven’t Been To"
Schau Fenster, Berlin
Curator: Dorit Rubin-Elkanati

Schau Fenster presents an immersive exhibition titled "A Place I Remember but Still Haven’t Been To."
The installation features AstroTurf in its Mediterranean Grass version, transforming the gallery space into a surreal landscape. This artificial greenery invites viewers to contemplate memory, imagination, and longing, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy. Through this thought-provoking experience, visitors are encouraged to reflect on their own memories and explore the intersection of memory and imagination.

Soul Scandal, 2020.

GUM Space, Vienna
Curator: Julia Rublow

"Soul Scandal" was showcased as part of the Indikation exhibition at GUM Space in Vienna. Curated by Julia Rublow, the installation featured balancing birds mounted on plastic nail polish finger models, alongside prints of digital paintings. The highlight of the exhibition was a performance led by the artist.

During the performance, attendees were invited to interact with the installation by taking the birds from the wall and placing them on their fingers. Guided by the artist's narrative, participants embarked on an imaginative journey through the desert of their minds. This interactive experience blurred the lines between reality and imagination, encouraging introspection and exploration of inner landscapes.

Memorial Bench, 2018
Austrian Cultural Forum, London
Curated by Alina Kollar.

The Garden Bench was specially manufactured for the exhibition, and a brass sign with a poem I wrote in memory of my grandfather, who donated his body to science after his death, is affixed to it. He has no gravestone, and we do not know where his remains are buried.

The Via Dolorosa of the Falafel, 2015.
MFA graduation work in the Photo and Art class of prof. Martin Guttmann
Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

The performance follows the journey of a falafel scoop through the sinuses of my body as it seeks redemption on the Via Dolorosa. Just as Jesus passed through the different stations on the Via Dolorosa, so does the falafel scoop, along with the audience, who walk and listen to the artist narrating the story of the falafel and the Via Dolorosa. The performance concluded on the outer wall of the Mumok Museum in Vienna, where an intervention took place.