Omri Livne is a multidisciplinary artist and photographer with a distinctive international presence, currently based in Berlin, Germany. He earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design and later completed a Master of Fine Arts in Photography in Vienna.

Livne's artistic practice delves into storytelling across visual, aural, and written mediums. His work meticulously documents and examines complex ecological, socio-political, and historical narratives through in-depth research. This approach has garnered him recognition and opportunities to exhibit his art in major cities such as Vienna, Tel Aviv, London, New York, and Berlin.

In addition to his artistic endeavours, Livne serves as a curriculum coordinator, assisting universities to guide students in Art Theory and Cultural Management seminars in Berlin and at  Documenta in Kassel, Germany. He also contributes to the art world as an art history archivist and data analyst, working with the largest international collection of exhibitions and artists globally.